Treating High Blood Pressure With Acupressure

A very simple acupressure treatment, which is often self-administered within the comforts of a person’s home, proves to be effective for some the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. Besides its applications for the disease, acupressure points have been put to use as a beauty treatment for tens and thousands of years. Usually, versatile acupressure is relatively safe for self-treatment. You can even consider trying acupressure so as to do away with tinnitus.

hand's acupressure point
hand’s an acupressure point



Treatments are often painless. The therapy may be repeated as required. You’ve got medical condition along with the doctor deals with that situation with a particular treatment.

Chiropractic care is deemed among the safest medical procedures up to now. Just like with any medical cure, chiropractic care included, there are some risks. Pharmaceutical treatments in many cases are limited by the patient’s physical conditions like pregnancy or substantial blood pressure. Additionally, it considers all facets of diagnosis and treatment.

If you have a recent family history of high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, it becomes even more essential for you to lower your weight. Even though it is intended for a brief term treatment, some folks use it as a constituent of your daily diet to make certain healthier bowel movement each and every day. It may also bring about bad skin a weakened immune apparatus, poor memory and significant blood pressure. Exercise improves blood flow and regulates the blood circulate to the brain as well as the heart.

From cold and viruses to higher blood pressure, superior cholesterol, heart issues, garlic can be a versatile, inexpensive, therapeutic powerhouse. It will help boost the entire body’s blood circulation thereby distributing oxygen together with nutrients more evenly and thoroughly through the whole human body. Bitter melon can increase our body’s capability to utilize blood glucose naturally. Anything that raises the blood circulation greatly benefits in lessening the headache issue.

We would choose to prevent prescription drugs when possible, and for these patients, acupressure for high blood pressure might be a terrific choice to look at. You also ought to know about acupressure as it’s the safest approach to induce labor and has the largest success rate. In reality, documented research on the potency of acupuncture and acupressure keeps growing. For example, applying too large an amount of pressure can compel the body to tense, while not enough pressure will result in insufficient results.

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Natural remedies aren’t only controlled blood glucose, however at the same time; it’ll manage kidney, liver, eye and hearts. All three vitamins end right up in the liver where it’s used to make the blood clotting substances. They might also cause urinary issues, higher blood pressure, and thyroid circumstances, simply to name a couple. Supporting your liver is imperative because it will let you purify your blood.

Acupressure can operate to produce deep healing within the tissues within the head round the ears. Intense pressure is put for this special massage to penetrate deeper in the muscles. Walking briskly reduces tension, improve blood flow, and supplies immediate relaxation. Aromatherapy can also be quite beneficial to decrease blood pressure.

What concerns acupressure, it is pretty the same besides the part where needles are used. This might incorporate rolling, working, pulling along with acupressure. The aggregate of pressure exerted will vary conditioned upon the aim of the session. With deeper pressure, you are going to feel a pulse in the center honestly.

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Acupuncture For Weight Loss – Is It True?

It shouldn’t surprise you that professionals are saying the acupuncture for weight loss is not impossible. All things considered, this practice is understood to benefit people in a lot of methods. But if you’re like many people, you’re a bit apprehensive because it sounds too good to be true.
Acupuncture is one of the most relaxing things out there, which is acupuncture for sleep is recommended. This implies that they’re saying while relaxing you could shed weight! But you’re likely wondering – Might it be successful?
What’s Acupressure?
That is a technique that’s popular in the alternative medicine field. It’s basically that its theory is founded on the fact that life energy moves through meridians in your body. You’ll find matters that prevent these meridians, and this is why pressure is put on points that are particular to remove these blockages.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Here are a few of the advantages of acupressure:
• It can help alleviate pressure.
• It can help you get rid of headaches and backaches.
• Insomnia can be stopped by it.
• It can help alleviate pain.
• It can help boost your disease fighting capability.
These are just some of the benefits of acupuncture, and now to find out if there’s such a matter as acupuncture for weight loss.

acupressure for weight loss
acupressure for weight loss

Pressure Points to Target

Acupuncture works by targeting specific pressure points in your body. For it to enable you to shed weight, here are the pressure points which you have to target.
Desire control point
This point is located on the flappy part of your ear. It is right there above the lobe of your ear.
Putting pressure on this particular control point can help suppress your desire that is a major factor in acupuncture for weight reduction.
There’s a place right above the bone of your ankle that functions as the pressure point of your spleen. Track your finger from the bone of the ankle towards back and the interior of your leg. It should be around 3 inches upwards of the bone of your ankle. This spot can tighten your digestive system which aids in acupuncture for weight loss.

There’s also another pressure point for the spleen. Until you pass by the shin bone, follow your finger across your inner leg. Trace your finger upwards for about an inch to find the hollowed and curved part of the leg bone. This particular spleen pressure point is for the regulation of your body’s ability to metabolize water.
This is found about 4 inches. Start on the lower part of your kneecap with your finger and go about 3 inches down before moving outwards for about half an inch. Bend your foot and you’ve found the ideal spot if you sense muscle movement.
This can be for the food of your blood and your digestive system.
Large intestines
Transfer your finger towards the interior part of your elbow for about half an inch.
It may also help your body get rid of heat and moisture that it doesn’t desire.

Steps to Follow

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to shed weight with acupressure:
1. Intense pressure and employ steady on the appetite control point. Do thus for three straight minutes.
2. Do thus for a minute. When releasing the pressure, make sure that you do so gradually. As an important notification, pregnant women should bypass applying pressure on this pressure point even if they’re using acupuncture for fat loss.
3. Apply moderate to firm pressure on the stomach pressure point for a minute.
4. Implement pressure on the spleen that is the second point. Be sure to apply firm pressure.
5. With your right thumb, apply pressure to the large intestine pressure point for a minute. Begin with your left arm. After a minute, employ the same pressure on your large intestine pressure point in your right arm using your left thumb.

Hints to Succeed in Your Target to Shed Weight with Acupressure

– Consult your physician.
More and more doctors nowadays are being more open in regards to alternative medicine. Request your physician if you can practice acupuncture for weight reduction. At the very least, your doctor can let you know if it’s safe that you accomplish that.
Obviously, these exercises can help relax you. They can also contribute to relaxing you. These exercises may even alleviate stress. For weight loss, they can let you enhance your digestion.
– Locate the reasons for your anxiety and take care of them.
Anxiety is among the significant reasons why people slim down. This is primarily due to pressure eating. It’s also important that you simply discover the factors behind your stress so you could look after them while acupuncture can help relieve anxiety.
For instance, you can take a few days off from work if it’s stressing you out.
– Eat a healthful diet.
Acupuncture for weight loss should just be a complement and not the chief strategy. You still must eat a diet that is healthy. This means less of junk foods, unhealthy fats, and sugars and more of vegetables, fruits and lean meats.
– Exercise to slim down.
Get your blood. By following the steps listed above when you can practice acupuncture for weight reduction later, that’s.
Test it Now
It’s possible for you to attempt if it’s not impossible to lose weight. You might have nothing to lose. You can still receive its other advantages if you don’t triumph in using acupuncture for weight loss!

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What is Acupressure and How It Work?

Have you ever wonder what is acupressure? and wanted to figure out how acupressure works? Can it be something advantage to your health? Because the standard approaches simply don’t work the search for alternative medicine usually starts. Let us consider an example of post-operation pain. The usual method is drugs and more drugs. You can just take a lot of medications before you start becoming nauseous. That’s why alternative pain relief options are sought.

How It Work?

According to the practitioners, the body has over 800 critical energy points. These are along the meridian and run from the head to your heels.

By massaging these pressure points it works. The theory is that this is a powerful restorative treatment that removes pressure, treats organ disease, relieves pain, and encourages general wellbeing.

Western medicine has demonstrated these pressure points are located in the autonomic nervous system. It’s likely the reason it works so nicely in pain relief.

If you should be wondering what is Acupressure? and whether it’s the same you’re on the correct track. The difference between both is that in Acupuncture, you often use needles. You gently apply pressure to the energy points using fingers or your hands.

Acupressure points
Acupressure points

What is Acupressure Pressure Points and Meridians?

In acupressure, two points are significant. The first is the precise point where you feel pain or tension. The precise point can also be known as the local point.

This is also the same point that relieves pain and referred to as the trigger point. So you’re applying pressure to a local point to alter the well-being of a trigger point.

Think of it like blood vessels conducting energy and never blood. Consequently, one pressure point can relieve pain in quite a few body organs.

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What are the Advantages of Acupressure?

The difficulty with most alternative medicine procedures is that anyone can make crazy claims. It is common to have hard to check claims about the efficacy of the system. After all, since most alternative medicine is just not controlled, there’s no one to verify any claims.

With Acupressure, however, users have requested to see noticeable improvements in their health. Most of the advantages that are standard include:

  • menstrual cramps
  • cancer-associated exhaustion
  • headaches
  • motion sickness
  • nausea after the operation
  • nausea as a result of chemotherapy

The most normal use of Acupressure is alleviating pain. It’s said while empowering deep relaxation to reduce muscle tension. There are important pressure points situated on the either side of the spine and the lower back.

If your grandmother ever told you to lie on your lower back with a couple of tennis balls, she was introducing you the acupressure.

Can it help with Emotional Pain?

Maybe among the advantages that are most controversial is its use in alleviating the pressures of day to day living.

You’re able to relax tight muscles hence restoring the flow of vital energy in the body, by employing the techniques. This can be probably why lots of folks have a neck rub when they should relax and are tired.

Technique and Use

Over the years, different practitioners have thought of their specialized techniques. The thought may be similar but vary regarding pressures, rhythms, and even technique.

The most famous are the Shiatsu Massage. It can be quite vigorous but intensely stimulating. Intense pressure is applied to the local points for several seconds then released.

Cautions and Contraindications

Though it’s said to be a natural method to enhance your well-being, it’s also advisable to be attentive. For example, avoid using any pressure on diseases and burns. Working directly on injuries and scars is also not recommended.

It’s a grand idea to use distinct attention or not do it at all during the pregnancy in case you are pregnant. If you might have any life-threatening ailments, like tuberculosis, cardiac conditions or leukemia, you should take special care when using pressure to abdominal areas.

Finally, it’s always recommended that you just consult your medicinal practitioner before you attempt any alternative therapies. Using Acupressure as the sole intervention when you have serious sickness isn’t a good idea.

So there you go, all you needed to know about what’s Acupressure. This is probably the most efficient for most folks as alternative therapies work.

As with all alternative medicine, you should always seek the finest practitioners and avoid fakes at all costs. This likely means that you need to do a lot of research before you find the right person. The best part relating to this therapy is that you can take action to yourself. All you need to do is get any publications that answer the question what acupressure is, and you might be all set.

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How the Arthritis Pain Relief From Meridian Therapy?

Meridian is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy which depicts that the life energy, qi (pronounced, ‘chi’), flows through absolute paths in the human body known as meridians. When there are blockages in these points medical conditions, occur. Treating these points in a natural and non-invasive way in an attempt to open the blocked pathways so that the life energy could flow efficiently is known as meridian therapy.

What Are Meridians?

According to TCM, the human body, similar to the blood circulation system, has another virtual circulation system integrated into it, and it is known as a bio-energy circulation system. This bio-energy flows through 12 main channels located on each side of the body, and these channels are called Meridians. Each pair of meridians is attributed to a particular organ in the body.

diagrams of meridians
diagrams of meridians

What Causes Ailments According To Meridian System?

Apart from the 12 meridian pairs, there is another pair that runs through the center of the body; one runs in front while the other runs through the spinal cord. This meridian pair has numerous points located on them. Each of these points acts as a bio-energy power station and transfers the bio-energy through the 12 channels across the human body. If there are any energy flow imbalances (qi imbalances), or qi blockages, the bio-energy flow is tampered resulting in various medical conditions.

How the Arthritis Pain Relief from Meridian Therapy?

As mentioned earlier, when the qi energy weakens and does not flow with optimum capacity as it should be, or if the qi energy flows due to the blockages in meridians, medical conditions may occur.

In this article, we will discuss the most common medical condition that occurs due to the weak flow/blockage of qi energy, “arthritis.” Most North Americans, as well as many people all over the world, are suffering from this ailment for many years now. According to TCM, meridian therapy can help improve this medical condition naturally.


It is derived from the Greek word ‘arthroitis,’ in which ‘arthro’ meaning joints and ‘it is,’ meaning inflammation. There are numerous types of arthritis as per modern medicine, but one thing common in all of them is, “joint pains.”And this pain is caused due to the inflammation occurring in and around the joints.

According to the TCM, arthritis is caused due to inadequate liver blood or low body fluids or as a result of absorbing cold, heat, wind and damp from outside into the body. When the body begins to catch these external factors, they get lodged in the body and especially, into the joints leading to arthritis.

For example, absorption of damp and heat into the joints causes gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Whereas, uptake of the wind, wet and cold combined with the deficiency in liver blood, causes osteoarthritis.

arthritis pain
arthritis pain

Treating Arthritis Naturally – TCM And Meridian Therapy

  • Soak your feet for 20-30 minutes before going to bed: As mentioned earlier, the 12 channels or meridians, all of them carrying the Qi energy which travel across the body, either start or end at the feet. By soaking your feet in the hot water, you will be able to open the meridian pathways that were blocked due to absorption of heat, cold, wind, and damp. Adding salt to the hot water a couple of times every week can produce even better results because salt is an excellent detoxification as well as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Avoid cheese, milk, and sweets: All these foods are capable of increasing the meridian blockages and block the lymphatic drainages, even more, causing the Qi energy to move even more slowly. This may eventually result in fatigue, irritation, discomfort, and pains. It is advised that you consume thin soups, almond milk without sugar, steamed, stir-fried, boiled and baked foods. There is no need for you to avoid cheese, milk, and sweets for lifelong, but for a period, till the pain falls and your health improves.
  • Consume rich hydrated foods: It advised that people suffering from arthritis consume water-rich foods like broccoli, spinach, cucumber, carrots, okra, tomatoes, asparagus, figs, berries, grapefruit, etc., whenever possible. If inadequate Yin is the main reason for your arthritis (qi blockage depicted through the tongue and pulse), then it implicates that the body is suffering from the lack of fluids. In cases, the priority is to nourish Yin and this can only be achieved by consuming the vegetables and fruits.
  • Sour-flavored foods: Patients suffering from liver blood as well as Yin deficiency should regularly try eating sheep liver and foods that are sour. At the same time, they will have to avoid spicy, grilled or fried foods which do not serve the cause. In fact, consuming spicy foods will only increase the pain because spicy food burns up all the fluids causing much more inflammation and suffering. On the other hand, consuming sour foods will have a soothing effect on the painful joints. They also help in preserving the body fluids, which otherwise can deplete faster.


testimonial using meridian therapy
testimonial using meridian therapy

By following the tips mentioned above and taking a regulated diet once can encourage the energy pathways to open and function normally. This will not only reduce meridian blockages but will also help qi energy to be much more efficient, and travel across 12 meridians in the body much more swiftly which in turn can improve many medical conditions along with arthritis.

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Effectiveness of Acupressure Treatment

Stimulating the body’s natural self-healing abilities by applying pressure on the most important healing points of the human body, with the help of fingers, palms, elbow or even feet is known as Acupressure. It is an ancient Chinese art of healing and is said to be developed in Asia over 5000 years ago.

Effectiveness of Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure has proven to be very effective in curing various diseases related to stress. Acupressure can also actually reduce tension, relieve pain, increase blood circulation and develop one’s overall health. Apart from treating stress-related ailments, acupressure is also known to renew reproductive organs, detoxify the body and improve skin tone.

Acupressure therapy can help in strengthening resistance power and prevent the body from acquiring any unwanted diseases. This therapy can be self-implemented by learning about various techniques and pressure points so that you can self-cure certain medical conditions such as muscular pain, mental stress, learning disorders, emotional trauma and much more.

effectiveness of acupressure treatment
effectiveness of acupressure treatment

How Does This Work?

During Acupressure sessions, you will be asked to lie on a massage table (no need to take your clothes off). The therapist then starts gently applying pressure on your healing points and massaging them. Each session may last up to an hour or so. One needs to attend multiple sessions to achieve best results.

The actual goal of acupressure or any bodywork for that matter is to restore one’s overall health by regulating the positive and negative energies flowing in the body. Some people believe that Acupressure can not only treat energy fields but also mind, emotions as well as the spirit.

Common Acupuncture Points

There are numerous acupuncture points in the human body, too many to list down. However, the most important acupuncture and acupressure points that are commonly used by therapists are listed below:

Large intestine 4 (LI 4):

The acupuncture and acupressure point for treating ailments related to large intestine lies in the thick flesh between forefinger and the thumb.

Liver 3 (LR-3):

The acupuncture and acupressure point for treating diseases related to the liver lies between the big toe and the second toe.

Spleen 6 (SP-6):

The acupuncture and acupressure point for treating ailments related to the liver lies just above the ankle at a distance of 3 finger widths. This area of the lower calf muscle is very tender.

Acupressure points
Acupressure points


Who Can Benefit from Acupressure?

Though many people claim that acupressure can treat a whole lot of ailments, one has to admit that the therapy and its effectiveness to improve various health conditions is still not thoroughly proven. This method is a new treatment and proper research has to be made before making any statements such as, “Acupressure can treat so and so ailment effectively in this many weeks.”

Nevertheless, acupressure has helped improve certain medical conditions time and again. There is a little, but absolute proof that it can treat the following medical conditions:

    Nausea and vomiting:

Many studies have supported that a wrist acupressure can effectively treat nausea and vomiting that is caused due to various reasons such as:

  • Post surgery trauma and nausea
  • During or after injecting spinal anesthesia
  • After chemotherapy
  • Motion sickness
  • Pre and post pregnancy nausea

In most cases above, wrist acupressure has proven to be successful.

The acupuncture and acupressure point for treating nausea and vomiting, PC 6, is located in between the two nerves that start at the base of one’s palm. Specially designed wristbands that can control this medical condition are also available in the medical counter.

    Cancer:

Apart from reducing nausea after chemotherapy, according to many individual reports, acupressure is said to relieve tension, reduce stress, increase energy levels and lessen pain in cancer patients.

    Various Pains:

There is some preliminary evidence that acupressure can effectively reduce lower back pain, post-operative pain and trauma, and headache. Illnesses caused due to other medical conditions may also improve with the help of acupressure. As far as a headache is concerned, pressure is applied to the healing point LI 4.

    Arthritis:

Studies show that by using acupressure on patients suffering from arthritis, the sensation of inflammation in the joints can be reduced considerably. The scientific reason stated behind this is, acupressure application releases endorphins that are capable of generating anti-inflammatory effects in the joints, thus reducing the suffering in arthritis patients.

    Depression and Anxiety:

Numerous studies conducted on various people have shown that acupressure can successfully reduce fatigue, depression and anxiety and improve the mood of an individual.


In general, acupressure is a safe therapy. However, it is advised that patients suffering from health conditions like cancer, arthritis, heart disease or any other chronic ailment should consult their physician before undergoing this therapy. Acupressure is just a precautionary measure.


Though acupressure therapy is still in its infant stage, most people who have undergone the treatment seem to be happy. For many people, this is undoubtedly one of the best therapies around that can lead one towards a healthy lifestyle, but the only catch here is, it has to be done only under the guidance of a qualified acupuncturist. Have a happy acupressure!

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